President Buhari Not Involved In The Dog Naming Case

The Presidency through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, has addressed the issue of man who named dog "Buhari". Actually, this case has nothing to do with President Buhari as the man who reported the incident to the police said his own father's name is Buhari and that the trader named his dog "Buhari" to mock him.

Below is Garba Shehu's statement on the saga:
I am thinking of saying, using my own handle that people linking the President to this dog incident are just displaying their ignorance of the type of person he is. 
He enjoys cartoons and likes sharing them. The ones he enjoys the most are those that caricature him. It is cheap and sensational to say he can order a police action against a caricature. When he picks a paper, the first page he reaches for is the cartoon page. He laughs and laughs. 
The President must be having a good laugh over this whole thing. People should listen to the real story behind this dog incident and to not waste precious time seeking the hand of the President in a laughable incident!


CAN angry over John Kerry’s meeting with Sultan, ignoring the Nigerian Christian Leaders

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has accused the United States government of stoking ethnic and religious divisions in Nigeria, after the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited the Sultan of Sokoto and northern governors.

Christians wondered why they were excluded from Kerry’s visit between Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. Kerry travelled to Sokoto where he met the Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, who is the head of Nigeria’s Muslim community. He later met President Buhari, before governors of northern states.

In an interview with journalists, CAN said Kerry’s visit was “discriminatory, personal and divisive”.

CAN said Kerry should stop interfering in the internal affairs of the country, alleging that the visit was aimed at furthering the Nigerian federal government’s plan to continue to persecute the teeming population of Nigerian Christians.

The president of CAN, Rev. Supo Ayokunle, said Mr. Kerry’s “lack of respect for the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria, amounted to favouring northern Nigeria and Muslims to the detriment of the Christian community”.

He said Kerry's disposition supported claims that the Barack Obama administration openly supported the APC in the 2016 general elections, which produced the current leadership of the country.

“Why did he meet with 19 states governors, without southern governors, is Nigeria the north alone, why did you go to the north alone?” he asked.

“There’s a siege on Christians. Kerry, his actions speak volume, his actions, body language were very divisive. If US Secretary of States is coming for official visit, it’s understandable, but we demand explanation why he was selective. Has the sultan palace become another state house? Was Kerry invited by the Sultan?

“We have 36 States in Nigeria; he only selected northern governors to meet with them. It was a visit to the north, not to Nigeria. It was surely a very divisive visit. With the visit to the north, Kerry’s visit has heightened fear and tension among Christians in Nigeria, if they cannot bring us together, they should not interfere in our affairs.”


How I Killed My Girlfriend – Chukwudi Oweniwe confesses

Lack of conscience. This 22-year-old student of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic in Ondo State, Chukwudi Oweniwe has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Nifemi Adeyeye in a bush at Ilu-Abo, in Akure North area of Ondo State early this month.

Chukwudi and late Nifemi were both part-time students of the department of Science and Laboratory Technology (SLT).

The suspect, who lives in Ayede-Ogbese was said to have invited Nifemi to his place from school and subsequently lured her into a bush in Ilu-Abo and killed her.

He was alleged to have performed some ritual activities on his late girlfriend.

When Chukwudi was speaking with reporters at the police command in Akure, when he was paraded, he confessed to the crime but denied using the lady for ritual.

He narrated how he killed the lady:
“I invited her from Owo to Akure and after introducing her to my parents, I lured her into a bush and strangled her, leaving her body in the bush.

“On the second day, I asked a commercial motorcycle rider to take me to the bush where I left her; I observed that she was not dead and I used a stoned to hit her head and she died immediately.

“My parents became curious when they did not see her and I was arrested by Police in Ayede Ogbese and from there, they transferred me to anti-cultism in Akure”.

When asked why he killed his girlfriend, Chukwudi said he did not know the spirit that came on him and that it was when he killed her that he realised that he had committed a sin.

He also denied being a cultist. He said they had been dating since February this year and that she had never cheated on her.

The State Police commissioner, Mrs. Hilda Ibifuro-Harrison said Nifemi’s remains were recovered in the bush by men of the Special Anti-cultism squad.

CP Harrison said the police were still investigating the matter to unravel the suspect’s action.


VP Osinbajo's keynote address at the Council on Development Planning Meeting



I am delighted to be here with you today for this very important meeting of the National Council on Development Planning (NCDP) taking place in this historic and dynamic city of Kano. I must say how honored I am to be so warmly welcomed. I thank the Kano State Government under the leadership of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje for the warm hospitality extended to me and all participants here. Similar appreciation goes to the leadership of the Ministry of Budget and National Planning for the arrangements made to ensure the successful convening of this meeting.

This Council meeting is well timed and well thought out, as it enables effective partnership and cooperation amongst all tiers of government to envision our collective future while tackling the challenges facing the economy. Your deliberations will also complement the on-going process of articulating the medium term sector strategy 2017-2019 and the 2017 Budget.

The focus of the 2016 NCDP’s meeting is on “National Strategic Planning as Vehicle for Attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Nigeria” This focus is appropriate indeed.

It shows the intrinsic link between planning and expected outcomes, in this case the SDGs. The adoption of the SDGs in September 2015 was intended to place our world on the path of sustainable development by the year 2030.

The 17 SDGs which combine economic, social and environmental objectives are intended to be universal unlike the Millennium Development Goals which were meant solely for developing countries.

The universal application of the SDGs and their 169 targets show that they are a menu of options. This allows implementation to take account of different national realities, capacities, policies and priorities. In the Nigerian context, some of the issues that must engage our minds relate to economic diversification, boosting economic growth, eradication of extreme poverty, promoting social inclusion, creating jobs and stemming environmental degradation including climate change.

The empirical evidence from across the globe has shown that national strategic planning is very critical for attaining structural transformation and sustainable development. The countries of East Asia have proved this convincingly even though their development was largely private sector driven.

Such plans provide strategic direction, coherence and coordination. They are indeed a framework for guiding the activities of all stakeholders towards achieving a common goal. Planning specifics such as goals, targets and indicators which embody the SDGs also enable tracking, monitoring and evaluation.

Excellencies, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen -

Successful implementation of strategic plans and attainment of the SDGs entail partnerships as encapsulated in Goal 17-which is about the need to create (global) partnerships in order to attain sustainable development. Accordingly, just as the Federal Government seeks international partnerships at the global level with regard to rules and resources, we also seek partnerships at the national level. Such domestic partnerships entails working closely with the States which is one of the main reasons for the establishment of NCDP. Other essential partnerships are also being built with other sectors of society especially the private sector which is the indisputable engine of growth in successful economies.

Let me now speak about some of the things that the Buhari Administration is doing with regard to strengthening short and medium term planning. We have strengthened the link between budgeting and strategic planning by merging the National Planning Commission with the Budget Office of the Federation. We have adopted Zero-based Budgeting which compels the interrogation of public expenditure at micro levels and allows effective deployment of limited financial resources to areas and sectors with the greatest need. We have used a short-term strategic implementation plan to guide the 2016 budget and just yesterday the Federal Executive Council approved the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and the Fiscal Strategy Paper which are fully consistent with the SDGs and AU Agenda 2063.

The strategic priorities of the Federal Government in the area of tackling insecurity, combatting corruption and growing the economy will undoubtedly find expression in any medium term plan. The same is true for the policy interventions in the Strategic Implementation Plan notably with regard to the policy, security and governance; diversification of the economy; power, rail and roads; oil and gas reforms; ease of doing business and social investments.

The commitment of the Buhari Administration to promoting broader macroeconomic and structural reform is obvious in our push to mitigate supply-side constraints. With the deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector there has been a significant increase in the availability of petrol throughout the country with savings of N1.4 trillion on subsidy payments alone. Also a more flexible exchange rate regime will help to ease the pressure on the external reserves. In the short run of course there will be consequences for inflation, but we expect that with the greater clarity we are seeing in the implementation of the policy by the CBN, the foreign exchange market will stabilise, and confidence will be restored.

With regard to diversification, agriculture is a major priority of this government. The obvious gains are food security and a reduction in the financial burden and pressure on foreign exchange resulting from importing foods that we can produce. We are therefore looking to self sufficiency in a number of key types of produce including rice, wheat and tomato paste, while scaling up the export of traditional and non-traditional crops like cocoa, cassava, cashew and sesame seeds.

A strategic framework for coherent coordination of trade, industrial and investment activities is also being developed. A mixture of support instruments and incentives will be used to bring about growth in sectors that are critical for economic revitalization, especially in agriculture, agri-business, agro-processing, and SMEs promotion. It will also leverage the Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan comprising Nigeria Automotive Development Plan, National Sugar Master Plan, and Local Patronage Initiative. I urge State Governments to key into and get maximum leverage from these initiatives.

Indeed, infrastructural development is being accorded priority in current interventions with total capital budgetary releases from January to July 2016 amounting to over 50% of total budget that has been released to the MDAs going to these needs. If security is added, this rises to over 70% with the Presidential Initiative for the North East being prioritized in order to give a new lease of life to our people in North East.

Some of the key Sustainable Development Goals relate to the social sector which is very much in tandem with the priorities in our social intervention programme. Just as conditional cash transfers address Goal 1 which aims to eliminate extreme poverty, we are also tackling Goal 2 which aims for zero hunger through our Home Grown School Feeding Programme which was launched in July 2016. The Teacher Corps programme to put 500,000 unemployed young graduates to work meets the objectives of Goal 4 on quality education and Goal 8 which is about employment.

In other words, our on-going interventions speak to the ultimate aim of the SDGs to get people out of poverty and address health and education issues of children and other vulnerable groups.

It is important to emphasise that neither planning nor implementation can gain much traction without strong governments and institutions . The capacity to implement is largely a function of the ability of state institutions to deliver social goods. Public health for example, eradicating Polio, AIDS, Laser fever, Ebola, depends so completely on , well funded, well resourced healthcare systems. A healthcare system organised to respond promptly, efficiently and robustly will save more lives and livelihoods than one that is less endowed. The capacity to enforce not just law and order, but social services like immunisation, public education programmes, is the very essence of Statehood.

Excellencies, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me take this opportunity to highlight the African Union Development Agenda which is described as “√Āgenda 2063”, to which Nigeria, has subscribed.

Agenda 2063 seeks to develop an Afro-Centric or home grown development framework that is predicated on harnessing the vast opportunities of the continent, as well as proffering solutions towards addressing the peculiar challenges African Nations are faced with in the current global sphere. It is a call to action to all segments of African Society to work together to build a common future and destiny as espoused in the AU vision. It represents a source of inspiration for the development of national and regional sustainable development plans.

The task before us therefore requires finding ways to promote partnership and collaboration in the articulation of a strategic national plan that that is aligned to the SDGs and the AU Agenda 2063. I enjoin you to participate actively in all related activities such as taking stock of the country's performance particularly on the defunct MDGs, convening multi-stakeholders dialogues and validations at zonal levels, and the work of Technical Working Groups. Such active participation will ensure that the concerns, interests and aspirations of our people are reflected in annual budgets and national development plans. It will also quite naturally help to ensure effective implementation.

Other critical challenges we will face in mainstreaming and implementing the SDGs are in the areas of implementation capacity, needs assessment & costing, financing etc etc. Others include rationalisation of the 169 targets and identification of the ones that are most relevant to our specific needs, situation and challenges, and harnessing baseline and disaggregated data needed to monitor progress. Your contributions on how these issues can be addressed would be invaluable.

Strategic planning may sound academic or esoteric but the truth is that no modern economy has made notable progress without strategic planning. I must say that governments in Nigeria have never been short of good ideas , good intentions, or even good plans. but one of the key difficulties is just that ability to keep to the plan, plodding through day by day, doing the routine things that eventually fulfil a plan. The discipline to stay focussed over the long term is crucial to the success of any plan. To do so as a team requires even harder work, but success in any aspect of State building requires just that -hardwork.

Nigeria is well placed in terms of human and natural endowment to be a thought leader and economic role model in Africa and indeed globally. I am confident that if we remain positive, determined and focused our country can achieve such lofty goals and great heights that we have set for ourselves.

Permit me to again thank the National Council on development planning for their kind invitation to me to be here, and may I wish you a very fruitful and productive meeting and look forward to receiving the outcomes of this meeting and another invitation next year.

Thank you all.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN


Police uncover Baby Factory in Aba, rescue 5 pregnant ladies

Men of the Nigeria Police Force have uncovered a baby factory at the Ogbor-Hill area of Aba in Abia State and rescued five pregnant ladies. Police also arrested a 54-year-old man, Nkem Nwokocha and his wife, identified simply as Nurse, who were said to be the owners of the baby factory.

The pregnant ladies rescued are:
29yrs old Chidinma Ifeanyi Chukwu, who hails from Isiala Mbano in Imo State, Kelechi Sampson, 20, and Happiness Godwin from Mboko Umuanunu village in obingwa, Abia State.
Others are Okoronkwo Mercy, a native of Alayi in Bende Local Government Area and Oluebube Onyabu also from Umuanunu village in Obingwa Local Government Area of the state.

Parading the suspects at the police headquarters in the state capital, Umuahia, the Commissioner of Police, Adeleye Oyebade, said the police acted on a report that the suspects were running a child trafficking home, which led to their arrest.

The police boss frowned at the rate at which people indulge in the illegal sale of children in the state, adding that it was an act of wickedness against children.


Simi opens up on 'boyfriend' saga; is it Falz or Adekunle Gold?

While a large population of her fans believe she is in a relationship with Adekunle Gold some others believe the Romance is between Simi and Falz. Only a few are indifferent to the situation.

Just last week Simi posted a picture on her Instagram page asking her over 300,000 followers to ask her any question they have been willing to ask her...

She'll be responding on the Casual Tv Show with TV hosts @iamthatgeorge and @sisi_foluke. Trust Nigerians in less that five minutes she had over 60 questions and majority of those questions were about her relationship. Someone even asked @iamthatgeorge via DM to ask if she and falz had made love, that's a #JambQuestion.

Well, simi responded to the questions and when asked if she was in a relationship the singer replied "Yes". quizzed further the Tiff and Jamb Question declared why she had kept quiet over the issue for a long time.

Find out what she said in the clip below:


Gov Ugwuanyi visits town where Herdsmen killed a Seminarian

With a heavy heart, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State visited Ndiagu Attakwu community in Akegbe Ugwu, Nkanu West area, where herdsmen allegedly killed a Catholic Seminarian and injured 4 persons. The governor, who was visibly angry, condemned the dastardly act in its entirety. 

He vowed that the perpetrators of the heinous act will not go unpunished, saying his administration will not tolerate the wanton destruction of lives and property in the state by herdsmen anymore.

The governor allegedly stormed Hersdmen settlement inside a thick forest apparently to express his displeasure over the incident, only to discover that they had fled.

The Catholic Bishop of Enugu, Dr. C.V.C Onaga, who visited the grief-stricken community, also condemned the attack and expressed sadness over the incident. He prayed for peace and unity of the country, calling for a permanent solution to the menace of the herdsmen in the country. 

The governor has summoned an emergency meeting with the security chiefs and Fulani community in the state at the Government House, Enugu.


See beautiful photos from AY's birthday party... he's actually 45

No matter how long it takes, if you're blessed, your blessing will find expression. Comedian AY who is also an actor and an award-winning producer turned plus one on August 19th. His actual age was also a source of controversy as some claimed he's 38 and others say he's 45.

But the answer is obvious now...AY is 45. See more photos from his surprise birthday party...
On Sunday August 21, thinking he was attending an event alongside Alibaba with a printed invitation sent to him, AY was surprised to walk into his friends, family, celebrities singing a happy birthday song to him in a star-studded gathering. So sweet!

Among those present at AY's birthday party is Nigeria's king of comedy, Alibaba, Mo Abudu, Folly Coker, Okey Bakasi, Kate Henshaw, Yibo Koko, Tuface and Annie Idibia, Audu Maikori, Omawumi, Waje, Klint D' Drunk, Frank Edoho and his wife, Juliet Ibrahim, Carolyn (Danjuma) Hutchings, Chris and Damilola Attoh, Iyanya, Fathia (Balogun) Williams, Omobaba, Uti Nwanchukwu, Gordons, etc.


EFCC Arrests This Guy For Duping A Woman After Promosing Her Marriage

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, arrested one Iwuchukwu Martin Uche for obtaining money under false pretence to the tune of USD145, 000.

Uche, who claimed to be a military officer working for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO in Kabul, Afghanistan allegedly, collected the money from his victim, H. Uyen, a Viatnamese woman, after promising to marry her. 

The suspect, who also claimed to be a property agent operating in Nigeria and Ghana, allegedly told the victim that he needed the money to procure some documents for the planned wedding.

The cash was allegedly wired to the suspect’s Diamond Bank account. He'll be charged to court.


Sanusi's Advise To Buhari Administration Is Right – Experts

Some experts have commended Emir Sanusi for his “timely” comment, urging President Buhari to as a matter of urgency change his policies, saying Nigeria needed to be proactive and creative to solve its challenges.

An economic analyst and Chief Executive Officer, Cowry Asset Management Limited, Mr. Johnson Chukwu, said the Federal Government and the economic management team had been reacting in silos to challenges facing the economy.

“We need to react in a more coordinated manner. We need to respond with a cocktail of solutions.

“It took us time to open up the economy to foreign investors. By the time we did, the foreign investors had moved on. The fuel subsidy that we removed was good, but it could have come with other actions that would have helped the economy.

“We need foreign borrowing in order to bring dollar liquidity back and stabilise the market. The President will need to set up an economic think tank that will come up with a detailed approach to tackle the problems,” he said.

Also, the Head, Research and Investment Advisory, SCM Capital, Mr. Sewa Suwu, said the current economic management team needed to move faster than the current pace.

He said, “The economic challenges are not peculiar to Nigeria, but all commodity exporting countries. The best way out of the current challenges is to spend our way out of it.

“We have a national problem and it is a time for all economists and experts to come up with ideas that can help us to get out of the challenges as a country. We need to come together as one and tackle the situation.”

The Director General, West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management, Prof. Akpan Ekpo, who noted that the government could not fix the country in one year, said, “What I will call a mistake is the delay in taking action; we call it lag structure in economics.

“For example, there was an unnecessary delay in passing the budget. There was an unnecessary delay in forming a cabinet. Those two major delays have been creating problem for the country.

“In February, some of us warned that we were on a tip of a recession with the rising unemployment, rising inflation and declining productivity.

“If at that point, they had implemented the budget and released money – because you must spend out of a recession – we would have avoided the recession. A budget of 2016 was passed on May 6; even as we speak, we don’t know how far they have gone with the implementation.”

An expert in Financial Economics at the University of Uyo, Prof. Leo Ukpong, said:
"Right now, what we need is to create jobs and keep people employed. I have not seen any clear-cut policy in that direction."